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How does OcuPlan Work?

Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor

Thank you for joining OcuPlan. We are delighted to welcome you as an OcuPlan registered Ophthalmologist. Your registration is complete, and your online account has been set up. With an expanding network of OcuPlan registered ophthalmologists and optometrists, you join a growing community of professionals, providing patients with affordable, high quality eye care. You can be assured that OcuPlan will always treat you with fairness, openness and honesty.

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How does OcuPlan work?

Patients undergo their visual field test and OCTs at an optometrist of their choice. The visual fields and scans are sent to you via secure email. Patients are seen in your private clinic. Patients purchase an annual plan, with 1, 2, or 3 visits per year. Additional visits can also be purchased through their online account.

Patients have a membership card, which they must show at every appointment. You or your staff scan the QR code on the membership card and this triggers your payment. You do not have to send any invoices and you have a record of your payments, accessed through your online account.

Scanning the QR code can be done through your online account. Go to the practice page and there is a large button, saying “scan a card”.  You can use any smart phone, iPad or laptop to scan the card. This triggers your automatic payment. Your staff can also scan the QR code through the kiosk.

OcuPlan gives patients access to private health care at an affordable price and is particularly valuable to those patients with insurance policies that exclude them from cover. It helps the NHS by freeing up valuable clinic time and puts patients in control of their eye health.

We are very pleased that you are on board as one of the team here at OcuPlan. We are here should you need any further assistance with your account or registration. You can contact us by replying to this email or on 0121 517 0423.

We will never share your details with third parties, nor will you receive any spam from us. We do have circulars and newsletters with medical updates, which also highlight OcuPlan developments.  If you would like to receive these, please sign up here.

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Once again, welcome to OcuPlan.

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Vicki Maskell
Head of Administration

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Katy Taylor

Katy is OcuPlan's editor, content and a customer service manager. She enjoys helping patients, eye consultants and optometrists make the most of OcuPlan.