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OcuPlan for NHS patients

Katy Taylor
Katy Taylor

For patients who are currently under the care of the NHS for chronic eye problems this scheme will often help them avoid any delays to appointments, and minimise cancellations or rearrangements of appointments, which can often occur in a busy eye department.

It also addresses issues about continuity of care where seeing different doctors at each consecutive visit with limited time to cover all the aspect of your care can cause problems.

OcuPlan provides the consultant with ample time for the consultation as we stipulate a minimum of 20 minutes should be allocated per patient visit; there is also seamless continuity of care because you will be seeing the same consultant each visit.

The pay-monthly scheme helps to make premium eye care more affordable and provides all the benefits of private ophthalmology to patients.

There are three different packages of care available with different amounts of annual service entitlements to suit your requirements. It is important to understand that you will be purchasing a defined annual package of care and you are not taking out an insurance policy. Services can be accessed after paying the first month's instalment and a 14-day cooling off period.

Each package of care has a fixed-term of 12 months and you can either pay for it in advance or with 12 monthly instalments over 1 year at no extra cost. If you require more services per year than you are entitled, it is possible to upgrade your package of care at any time to access these straight away. Alternatively you can choose to purchase 'one-off' consultations or investigations using the OcuPlan scheme or choose to 'self-fund' these extra services as you would do normally independently from OcuPlan.

We maintain the highest quality standards of care possible by making sure your care is consultant led and by working closely with your optometrist to ensure the correct tests are performed in a timely, convenient and safe way.

OcuPlan Packages

OcuPlan Care

  • 1 private hospital consultation with consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • 1 visual field test and 1 set of ocular imaging with your optometrist per 12 months

OcuPlan CarePlus

  • Up to 2 private hospital consultations with consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • Up to 2 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your optometrist per 12 months

OcuPlan Premium

  • Up to 3 private hospital consultations with consultant eye surgeon per 12 months
  • Up to 3 sets of visual field tests and ocular imaging with your optometrist per 12 months

Make payments easily online with our secure direct debit system. OcuPlan is designed to suit different patient groups who may already receive care either via the NHS or privately, see below for the potential benefits to you.

Insured patients

For patients who currently have medical insurance policies that do not cover routine monitoring of their eye condition, OcuPlan helps to solve this problem.

Quite commonly patients are diagnosed with a new medical eye problem and the initial consultations and investigations are covered by medical insurance policies.

However, as soon as the condition is deemed stable, chronic, or the follow-up consultations are for monitoring only, then they are not covered. Patients then have the choice of either being discharged to the NHS or paying self-pay consultant fees and investigation fees at the hospital, which can be very expensive.

OcuPlan aims to solve this problem by giving patients an alternative affordable option, which covers follow-up consultation fees with your private consultant and investigations with local leading edge independant and high street optometrists.
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Self-funding patients

Self-funding your eye care has traditionally been the best way to achieve the highest level of choice. However, it can be very expensive. OcuPlan tries to give  you a similar degree of flexibility in choosing your eye consultant and helps to minimise the  cost to you while maintaining the quality.

By having some of your investigations at your local optometrist we are able to help reduce costs. We also give you the option of spreading the costs over 12 monthly instalments at no extra cost.

For a patient who sees their eye consultant privately as a self-funding patient twice per year, the consultation fees alone can be around £300. Together with the hospital investigations that can double to over £600. With OcuPlan CarePlus scheme for example the total cost for the year would be around half, at £359.88 for both the 2 consultations and investigations performed at the optometrist, that is a saving per year of nearly £300!


Katy Taylor

Katy is OcuPlan's editor, content and a customer service manager. She enjoys helping patients, eye consultants and optometrists make the most of OcuPlan.