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Products to help living with glaucoma

Products to help living with glaucoma

Rob Oakley

Glaucoma affects all patients differently, symptoms range from difficulty seeing in low or bright light, to loss of visibility in their central vision. This can have an impact on carrying out everyday tasks and hobbies. But, there are countless products available that help glaucoma patients to continue to live, work and play as they always have.  We've put together a list of products that you might find useful.


Good lighting can really help people who suffer from glaucoma, here are a few lighting products that will assist day and night.

High Vision Reading Lamp  

Magnify Glass with Light

Illuminated Magnifier Stand

Phones and Clocks

Loss of central vision is a symptom of more advanced glaucoma, so focusing on the TV or a phone can sometimes be challenging. These products have been designed to help those who have central vision impairment.

Talking alarm clock

Large Button Home Phone

Large Button Mobile Phone

Food preparation, eating and drinking aids

Preparing food, eating and drinking can sometimes be challenging for patients who have advanced Glaucoma. The following products will help patients to continue to independently cook, prepare and eat food.

Bright Coloured Cutlery

Coloured Rimmed Plate

Food Workstation

Lastly, maintaining a healthy diet and staying lean is very important for managing the condition, boosting your knowledge in this area can really help. You can use the diet-whisperer calculator to help learn more about your health and diet and how it affects your eyesight.

Bathroom Aids

If a patient is struggling to navigate around their bathroom, aids can be introduced to make it easier and safer for them.

Coloured Bath Step

Shower Stool

Coloured Raised Toilet Seat

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Rob Oakley

Rob is OcuPlan's marketing manager. He enjoys helping patients, eye consultants and optometrists to make the most of OcuPlan.